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Annual General Assembly  l   Assemblée Générale Annuelle
Accra, Ghana. 28th to 30th October 2019 
Venue: Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy (GATA), next to the KLM Office, Airport Post Office or Hajj Village   

By the kind courtesy of the Government of Ghana (Ministry of Aviation), the 3rd General Assembly of African Aviation Training Organizations (AATO) will be held in Accra, the Republic of Ghana from 29th – 30th October 2019 presided by the council meeting on 28th October 2019 under the auspices of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).
     The theme of this year's assembly is “Human Capital Development and Technology: Strategic Tools Towards the Single African Air Transport Market.”   

Aviation is a sector of strategic importance that supports a broad set of economic and social development. The provision of quality aviation training is critical for the development of a sustainable, safe and secure air transport industry in Africa. As a region that faces shortages in critical skills in key areas of civil aviation to plan, coordinate, manage, operate, and oversee all complex operations in various aviation infrastructure, the growth of the industry will be influenced by the pace at which African organizations are able to develop and retain adequate and skilled human resources in compliance with ICAO provisions, plans, programs and required performance specified in ICAO SARPS.
     The establishment of AATO in Abuja in 2013 was key to the establishment of a framework for harmonization and standardization of aviation training in Africa. 
     Since the second general assembly in 2016, AATO has made tremendous strides towards the realization of the objective. AATO has developed the African Aviation Training Roadmap with a view to provide guidance on the development of training aviation personnel in Africa to meet future demands for the industry and in congruent with the ICAO strategic objectives, global and regional plans. The Road Map will help stakeholders to develop and implement plans to ensure that they improve their human resource requirements in order to meet the ICAO standards and recommended practices. The AATO objective of providing harmonized and standardized quality training in Africa will empower ATOs and assist States in achieving the minimum safety and security standards.
     Your participation to the assembly is crucial as we will discuss the aviation training roadmap and other pertinent safety, security and facilitation training issues and towards the implementation of the single African air transport market (SAATM).
     The general assembly is expected to bring together aviation training organizations, individual professionals, and other organizations with interest in aviation training in Africa and beyond.

Please indicate your intention to attend by downloading, completing and forwarding the registration form as early as possible, but not later than 15th September 2019. A separate form should be completed for each participant. Submit your registration form to: magekyarwenda@gmail.com or sg@aaato.org or madubofour@caa.com.gh

Submission of Documents
Participants wishing to submit Information papers and Working Papers should forward them to the Assembly Secretariat contact:

Ms. Michelle A. K Adubofour, Client Services Officer, Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy (GATA)
Mobile: +233 262 146 038 and E-mail: madubofour@caa.com.gh